Welcome to a blog primarily devoted to gardening in eastern Ontario.  Here you’ll see and learn about a variety of different plants, fruits, flowers, herbs and vegetables grown indoors and outdoors . The season here seems short but much can be grown within these warm summer months. The infatuation with gardening in my family goes back many generations and only in the past few years have I shown a notable interest in it.  My wife’s family also have some amazing plants and gardens which you’ll see.  Some pictures are of our first garden in our first home together.  You’ll also see an assortment of  gardens from our friends and family.

This first one is a comparison of our largest Aloe Vera plant.  I got this from a local grocery store for a buck and it won’t stop growing.  My in-laws actually use it in drinks and cooking. It’s also know for obvious medicinal abilities and digestive healing.  You’ll also see it for sale as a drink in many different Asian supermarkets.

Here, the Aloe Vera‘s home is a lucky bay window facing south west.  It gets sun for the majority of the day.  We water it more often than recommended but normally they can go without water for months.  There’s also a photo of this plant when it flowered which I will add shortly.

Aloe Vera Plant Before

Same Aloe Vera plant a few years later