We used to have a large rosemary plant outside last summer however when we put it into a pot and brought it in, it died after about a month.

My wife and I got this one from a local grocery store.

Rosemary Plant




Here’s some of our seedlings from various tomatoes and bitter melon.  The yellow cherry tomato sprouts are from the seeds my wife harvested last year from our garden.  She’s pretty happy as I keep getting credit for having the “green thumb”.

Malabar Spinach


Also known as Basella alba or Mong Toi (in Vietnamese), this vitamin enriched plant grows along our banister.  I planted it a couple years ago outdoors and brought it inside in the fall.  I keep having to cut it back as it grows fast in the summer months.

Malabar Spinach is very rich in vitamins A, C , Iron, Calcium and is high in fiber.  The leaves can be cooked or eaten raw and are in many different recipes.  The original seeds are from my mother in-law and were brought from Vietnam, they can also be easily harvested.

The Lee Valley Seed Keeper


My brother in-law, sister in-law and her fiancé got me the Seed Keeper from Lee Valley for my birthday.

It’s a little difficult to get the seed packets in the plastic sheets, but once they’re in there it will keep all your seeds organized and in one place.  I’m really happy with it and have filled it up completely.

It comes with 20 seed identification packets, 6×3 plastic inserts and some seed info.

You can buy additional inserts if you run out.

Aloe Vera plant flowering


This Aloe Vera flowered last year but I lost the pictures.  A few weeks ago it started again.

The flowers will turn yellow and eventually start falling off.  I’ll take another shot once it’s in full bloom.