Importing Plants to Canada


If you’re thinking about purchasing a plant from another country, you may need to apply for a permit from your local government office.  Even though some sellers will still attempt to ship your plant it may be intercepted by customs.  Along with a permit,  you may also require a phytosanitary certificate from the originating country.  This explains if the plant could potentially harm or destroy other agriculture in the destination country.

Certain countries actually ban specific plants from being imported.  For Canadians you can download the PDF application to import plants.

Here is what the form looks like.


The Largest Seed


As you can see all these seedlings are anxiously awaiting to be planted outside.  The one I’m anxiously awaiting is the big round seedling you see on the right.  He sure will have a lot of veggies to eat when he pops out in late August.



The garlic we planted last year is coming up nicely.  This is the first time I ever planted garlic so i’m hoping it survives.  Apparently it’s not that hard to grow and care for.  I planted it late last fall with garlic bought from our local farmer’s market.  It’s called Siberian Red.  It was really flavorful so I’m looking forward to trying some this fall.

To grow it in our zone (zone 5)  you just need to get some cloves from your favorite garlic bulbs and plant them around late October.  Plant each clove approximately 8 inches apart and cover with soil.  You will see them sprout late March early April and they can be harvested in late fall.  Don’t leave them too long or they will start cracking and be more prone to disease.

Siberian Red Garlic

Adenium Obesum Plant


This plant (also know as the Desert Rose) just arrived from Thailand with its own phytosanitary certificate.  The seller actually threw in a second one for free.  I guess I should be more careful and learn more about the plants I purchase as this apparently contains a TOXIC SAP that can be used for POISONOUS ARROWS.  If you’re interested in purchasing a grafted plant like this you can click here  –

It can be grown indoors in a preferably sunny location, but WARNING it may be toxic if not handled properly.

Aloe Vera Flower


The aloe vera flower is now in full bloom and  is starting to fall off.  It can be used to make tea and has many health benefits.