Sundae in a Jar, Zesty Red Onion Jelly, Strawberry Jam and Sour Cherry & Apple Conserve



Danger: Men Canning


My wife and I started canning this year for the first time. We are officially addicted, but also realize how much work it is to prepare all the food.  I had the help of  my brother and sister in-law’s pressure canner.   Our canning adventure included bread & butter pickles, peppers, salsa, tomato sauce, lemon curd and strawberry jam.

Tomato harvest from our garden


This year’s tomato harvest include 3 different varieties. Heirloom, big beef and Heinz 1439.  There’s still quite a few green ones that will be picked in September.  We’ve been doing a lot of canning lately so these will come in handy.